How Soon Will My Order Ship? I do my best to have steel cut, boxed and labeled for shipping within 24 hours. Most times you will have a tracking number within 12 hours of completing your purchase.

How Long Until An Order Arrives? At this time I offer USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail and UPS Standard Ground Shipping. Since I’m located in Pennsylvania USA! deliveries made by UPS to the eastern half of the USA! should arrive within 2 business days after tracking is added. Moving farther west across the USA you’ll be adding a day or so approaching the pacific. With USPS Flat rate it’s anywhere in the country from 2 to 4 days.

Local Option You Pickup: Any length up to 8-feet. Make sure to mention desired lengths of each stock size in comments. I charge $5 to cover the cost of saw blades. I’ll provide an address and we can discuss time/date. Please include your desired pickup time when placing the order. No Rain. If it’s raining it’s a bad time. I will be meeting you and I drive an open bed pickup. Expect a Delay.

Shipping Structure: I will package up to 50lbs per package. Carriers will accept more than this, but it’s heavy, expensive and dangerous for the delivery folks.

24″ Lengths: are shipped with UPS. The cost is presently $20. I will add up to 50lbs per box. Anything over 50lbs I put into a new box and I cover the cost of shipping of the new box.

48″ Lengths: The base rate for shipping is $20 even if it’s just 5lbs. The rate remains the same up to 10lbs. After that the system will add $1 per/1lb. This rate is based on my UPS rates for a 48″ x 6″ x 6″ container size.

Can You Use My Shipping Account?

No I can not. It’s possible that I can, but I won’t. Just another can of worms…

Thank you for reading the entire shipping page. I’ve done my best to cover everything I could think of and have made several revisions. Please let me know if you need custom lengths or if you happen to have any questions.