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Premium AISI 6150 Spring Steel

This high-performance cold rolled spring steel was formulated with forging and quenching in mind. This particular blend is used for making parts capable of reliably absorbing while also re-exerting force. All 6150 here is annealed.

The 6150 (51CrV4) grade is often used in pruning shears to give them long-lasting edge retention and high fatigue strength. It’s also used for the toe caps in safety boots and for timing chains in automobile engines.

The elasticity of spring steel plays an important role in the functionality of knife blades and choppers. It determines how much force the blade is able to absorb without being permanently deformed.

The qualities of this steel make it quite desirable when making blades that need to be very tough. This steel can handle much more abuse than most readily available steels can withstand and the 6150 just shrugs it off. Working with 6150 is similar to what you’re used to with 5160. You will also find the slightly higher chromium along with a nice smooth finish goes a long way toward preventing corrosion down the road.

AISI 6150 Chemical Composition Data Sheet can be found here.

**Sharp Edge Advisory** Expect steel to have sharp sheared edges. Use caution. Wear gloves. Handle with care.

Located in North Western Pennsylvania. Your order will be cut, carefully packaged and shipped within 24 hours. My steel comes from Cleveland Ohio. I am working hard to deliver high quality blade steel at an incredible savings. Please visit the steel shop page for a full list of available sizes.

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