How Long Do I Have To Make a Return?

I will accept returns up to 30 days after the order was placed. Even if it takes a few days for processing and a few more for delivery. I can only accept returns for 30 days from the day the order was placed.

Who Pays Return Shipping?

That depends on why the return is being made. If for some reason what you received is significantly not as described then I will pay to return your order to my location. If you are returning because you don’t like it, or you found a pile of 6150 free on the side of the highway and you don’t need mine now – you are responsible for return shipping.

Is There a Restocking Fee?

If I made a mistake and paid to return your order to my location there should be no restocking fee. Otherwise a restocking fee of 5% will be applied. A restock fee goes to cover some loss due to my cost of electricity, tool wear, shipping material, fuel, card processing, re-sorting, re-inventorying and more related to preparing the material and then restocking the material.

Will Original Shipping Be Refunded?

If your order was significantly not as described, and I paid return shipping charges, I will typically also refund your initial shipping charges.